Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vintage expandable photo box

While I was in the Mixed Media Canvas class at HK MEMORY CHEST (HKMC) few weeks ago, I saw a very nicely wrapped photo box and Erika told me there will be a workshop making that on 7th August.
I registered myself for the class immediately, and the same tutor Grace Wong will be teaching

Later on I found that my friend Stephanie has also enrolled herself to the same class... Wow, can't wait for that!

Finally... it's the day!

By making this photo box, we also learn some technique on book-binding. So I had to pay extra attention :P

The inner pockets of the photo was actually made of a few brown envelopes, cut in halves and made them as a accordion style, i.e. expandable. The material of the brown envelopes is durable so it's perfect for storing photos and for long-term use.

The paper stock that was being used at the class was beautiful. Recently I fell in love with butterflies, my classmates are very nice to have reserved me a piece of butterfly pattern paper.

We also used the "Gear" die-cut from TIM HOLTZ. The gears are the major decoration of the photo box, so we spent quite some time to colour each of them, by ink, crackle paint, embossing powder, etc.

Grace taught us through the steps of binding and wrapping, I found it is actually quite difficult to bind and wrap perfectly without wrinkles and bubbles. However we still made it!

I think it's very pretty and I am loving it!

I know there will be another photo box making class on next Tuesday 14th August, further info is available at the website of HKMC's WEBSITE  or call +852 25590175 (Hong Kong)

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