Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Handmade Recipe books for 2 Super Moms

There are two super moms in my office Little C9 Fi Fi MamaCafe Christina,who are both very talented in cooking and bakery.
Both of their bakes are pretty and yummy and I'm really lucky always for having the priority to taste their new innovation including, tarts, cupcakes, mooncakes, bread, macarons. As a token of thanks, I decided to make them a RECIPE BOOK / COOKBOOK.

Actually, I've simply turned over a notebook into RECIPE BOOK / COOKBOOK by adding some decorations.

Hand-stamped with PENNYBLACK's Baking Mimi stamp

My handmade, hand-cut paper apron

I've added their names on the aprons as well as the book. The printed masking tape was made by a small electronic masking tape printer that I bought from Tokyo earlier this year... which is a very amazing product!

Making these are really not difficult at all, but I'm quite sure that it should be useful for them to save their recipe in the book for future easy reference.

I hope you two will love them.

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