Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Origami Dress Birthday Card

My daughter Anson’s classmates, Cass, was holding a join birthday party with her little sister, Kate. We were invited to participate.

Therefore I made 2 birthday cards by myself, again! I want them to be in different looks but in the same theme, which has taken me some times to think and think.

I remember I watched an tutorial video on Youtube before about origami dress, the steps are not too difficult, so I add the dress as an element to the cards.

I got a stack of origami paper from a Japanese brand local store – Jusco HK$12 shop, which is equivalent to about US$1.3.

The pink origami dress is for the elder sister – Cass

The yellow one is for the little sister - Kate

Not long ago I bought a stamp set (from Unity Stamp), which the image is also dresses. I found it match with my cards perfectly so I’ve decorated the envelopes too.

Are they lovely?

Happy birthday, Cass & Kate!

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