Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ho Ho Ho... My Christmas houses

Still about 10 days to go to Christmas. 

Since I fell in love with handmades, I really want to create everything for each occasion all by myself. This yesr, besides making Christmas cards, I really want to creative some decorations.

I bought a manger and the holy family figures from Vatican City, Italy when we went there for honeymoon 7 years ago, I have been thinking to build a Christmas house and place it next to the manger, and I was planning to make one with a milk carton box.

However my life has been changed recently due to the change of domestic helper. My daughters are not very well adapted to the new help. I don't have time and strength at all to create anyway. Even for Christmas cards, I have to bring all materials to the office and make them during lunch hours.

2 weeks ago when I went shopping at HK MEMORY CHEST, I was introduced with Angelia McDaniel's CHRISTMAS HOUSES class. After my careful consideration, I've decided to participate in the class so I could get the houses made within a few hours, also learned some new techniques.

My best friend, Stephanie also joined the class and she was so nice to buy me dinner.
Cheers.... Love you!

The Christmas houses were cut out by the Bigshot Pro, which I will never get one at home because the size is almost half of my dining table. 

 Right above the houses, there is a Santa Sleigh with reindeer, which was cut by another decorative strip die by Sizzix

Ho Ho Ho!!! It's so....... pretty!!!

It's really intensive to build these two houses as there are so many detailed involved and lots of new techniques learnt. We finally spent 4 hours to compile the houses and the garden together and briefly decorated the surroundings.

It's gorgeous!!! (I think) 

As soon as I got home, the girls were in bed; Anson, my elder daughter woke up in the mid-night and she was amazed in the middle of her dream. On the next morning, Anson went to check it out right away when she got off her bed... and took a picture with it!

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