Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Home Craft - Ocean animal hand-painted magnets

I bought this Ocean Animal DIY magnet set from Eslite Flagship Store in Taipei about 3 weeks ago, which is designed for children. I saw this in Hong Kong before but the price in Taipei was cheaper plus it was on sales on the day we were there.

I thought this is a perfect activity for my 4-year-old daughter, Anson, to do during her Summer holiday!

There are 2 packs of powders (like that for making a plaster cast) already included in the box, you'd only need to add about 50ml of water, mix that well and you can pour into their molds which were also provided.

6 pcs of magnets are also included so simply stick them on the back of the molds and leave them dry for about 20-30 min.

The theme of this pack is Ocean Animals therefore you'll see these lovely sea animals such as fish, sea horse, Starfish, Turtle etc.

Included in the box, you can also see a set of 5 acrylic colour, as well as a painting pen

As there were only 5 color, if you wish to have a greee one, simply mix Yellow to Blue and its there!
This is a great way to let Anson learning about mixing colours

Look! She was really working hard.

On the day I let Anson paint all base colour and I just helped to touch up and decorate with multi-colour on the surface. Around 15 min; 6 ocean animals magnets were done!

Are they looking cool when I put them on the fridge door?

I highly recommend this for kids and if you are interested please let me know as I have asked for buying this at a discount.


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