Sunday, 22 July 2012

My first trial - 6" Mini Baby Girl Album

6" Mini Baby Girl Album 
Recently the best friend of mine has given birth to her adorable baby girl, being a best friend, I know she loves photography and loves handcrafted products

Therefore I made her a mini baby album 
Because of this, I picked up my paper craft hobby again!

The cover﹣A piece of FABRIC PAPER STICKERS is used. And the lovely paper girl doll was created by my newly bought - CRICUT EXPRESSION 2

The album was binded by ZUTTER Bind-it-all V 2.0
My friend has whatsapped a few pictures of her girl in the last few weeks -

Of course I should add them to the album - Sweet Baby!!!

My friend has still not decided which English she will give to her daughter on the day I visited them so I just put her Chinese name there "Chor Kiu" - this was picked by my friend as soon as she knew that she was pregnant.


A couple of different techniques were applied to this album, such as:

Magic Card - When you pull of the teddy bear card from the pocket, you can see the teddy filled with colour, isn't it amazing?

Here is the tutorial about how to do this

Hide-and-Seek Pockets - Look! the baby girls is taking a bath!

The Precious Moment Stamp was bought from Taipei - the only place I can find now. They accept overseas order and can ship overseas too.

I also used different kinds of embellishments such as CRYSTAL stickers.

This crystal stickers are really cheap - as they were from the "mobile phone decorating sticker" which costed me only HK$10 for a whole sheet of crystal, I cut them out one by one and they can be stuck on the paper, not even need to apply glue

The stoller can be rolled and slided - simply added two 10 cents and combined with double-sided foam tape - super easy!

The last page is reserved for celebrating the baby's 1st birthday, themed with the LITTLE MERMAID, which I persume every girl likes

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