Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My first Mixed Media Canvas

I can't believe that I could really make this!

I'm never an Art person, and I always feel my drawing or painting is really bad; I always feel tired in creativity or imagination.

While I am a typical Virgo, i.e. a perfectionist, may be that's why I'm not happy with my works so far, I think they are not good.

Recommended by my new friend Stephanie, I went to a scrapbooking workshop based here - HK Memory Chest, which is not very far from my office.

Erika knew that was my first visit and was really nice to introduce me their products, works, kit club as well as classes.

I saw a very pretty canvas displaying there; Erika told me that is a sample of Mixed Media Canvas and she told me that there is a class to be held in that evening... WOW... so tempting!
(Photo Courtesy by Grace Wong, the tutor)

I had been thinking and thinking and 5 minutes later I made decision to enroll in the class and asked Erika to sign me up for the class; and I had been so excited and went directly after work.

Tutor of the Canvas Mixed Media class is Grace Wong, a very experienced scrapbooking, and also a mother.

Grace talked us through the steps and introduced various materials and how to use them. But she said the layout and design of the canva had to be created by ourselves.... "OMG!!"

(Photo Courtesy by Grace Wong, the tutor)

Grace also asked us to create the image by "free-hand", i.e. try not to sketch... oh wow... !!! How???

I spent about 1 minute to think about the design and I knew that I must draw a rainbow as my daughter, Anson, loves it...

Oh. why don't I draw or cut "happy birds" as they can represent our family.... YEAH!!!
Thanks for one of the classmates to have printed some clip arts for our reference, so I could easily cut out a "bird" shapes!!

(Photo Courtesy by Grace Wong, the tutor)

We have been trying different types of media, such as rub-on, acrylic paint, patterned papers, stickers, stamps, stencils, etc and finally I've done mine in about 1-2 hours.

Hurray I could really make it!!!

Here is the blog of Christy Tomlinson, the expert in doing Canvas Mixed Media, our tutor Grace Wong was also inspired by her

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