Monday, 15 July 2013

Hurray ~ "Giant duck" layout is being featured!

I woke up early this morning and saw the notifications showing a few inbox message sitting on my Gmail account.

Since the Gmail inbox is only used for receiving messages related to my blog so I guess something should have been happened about my posts.

Oh yes, it's about my recent participation in the My Creative Sketches June sketch challenge.... My "Giant duck" layout is being featured!

Hurry! It is absolutely a great recognition of my work. Thank you very much for picking my artwork.

It has been almost an year since my last layout being featured by MCS. I love playing along with MCS which gives me a monthly brainstorm of scrapbooking ideas. 

I have been participating in their monthly contest since July 2012 but unfortunately missed 2 months in April and May due to my super busy schedule.

I hope I will continue with this and try my very best to get more layouts done, and add in more new elements.

Thank you again - Happy scrapbooking and crafting!

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