Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Japanese 3D paperart workshop

Anson - my 5 years old daughter has started her summer holiday. Last Saturday night, I signed up for a parent-kid workshop at Teapot Art & Craft Workshop, learning how to make a 3D card using the Japanese paper art techniques.

[Photo Courtesy by Teapot Art & Craft Workshop]

We were in the 1st class of their workshop so I was really excited. And it was my 1st visit to their branch in Tsuen Wan in Hong Kong, about 30km from my home, it is in a very convenient location though.

We arrived slightly early and met the tutor who taught me how to machine-sew a fabric bag few months ago. Anson chose a material pack, featured Cinderella, her beloved princess; and chose a nice pink colour pattern paper for making the frame.

Iris, a well-known blogger in Hong Kong, who is also the own of the workshop. She demonstrated and explained how to get started. Basically it involves lots of cutting.
I cut all shapes out into different tiny pieces; and Anson used a round-shaped pen - i.e. a tool to "tilt" the pieces and made them became 3D.

[Photo Courtesy by Teapot Art & Craft Workshop]

This is a project requires much concentration but it was a good fun.

[Photo from Teapot Art & Craft Workshop]

As time moves on, there was a new joiner to the class and that is actually the mother of Anson's classmate. If her daughter was also here that would be perfect and the girls would love to work and play together.

It took us quite a while to cut everything and in the 2nd half of the workshop, Anson got knowing other kids and they played together happily.

Iris's daughter, Charlotte was also there who is about 1.5 year older than Anson. Charlotte shared some of her beloved "crystal" with Anson and shared the drawing tools with her. 

Both me and Anson surely had a great time there.

[Photo Courtesy by Teapot Art & Craft Workshop]

Since the project involves lots of steps and touch up, I actually finished them at home. I hand-stamped Anson's name on the card as she said she wish the card to be her birthday card - She is a July girl!

I look forward to joining another class at Teapot Art & Craft Workshop!

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